Constitute is an online International Constitution encyclopedia which founded by Google. Constitute collect the Constitution in more than 150 countries and translate then into digital, this platform allows users to search data at different times in different countries of the Constitution.

We all know that the Constitution is the most basic law of a country or a region, is the Foundation of all law, theoretically the primacy of the Constitution of the country’s other laws, other laws do not contradict with the Constitution, otherwise it may be used.

Since Constitution so important, on has necessary to understand himself national of Constitution, as has work or academic Shang of need, also may contact to other national of Constitution, Google Constitute provides a has systemic, and clean, and simple of between surface, let need of people free using, not only can line Shang reading, and retrieved other national of Constitution method article, also can according to himself has interest of field, directly compared different national Constitution of set set content.

In addition to navigate the Constitution in different countries, it can also examine a specific funtionsuch as: identity, culture, elections and the implementation of, international law, judiciary, legislature, principles, supervision, rights and obligations, and so on, or enter keywords to query a specific issues in different national laws.


LawGeex is a law analysis website. It dedicated to helping users get law analysis report in just a few seconds.LawGeex will assist the user in identifying documents of the vulnerability and unreasonable place, your ignorance of the law is the knowledge of these rules has a complete, safe and legal documents.

Laws are fair, but you have to understand the law and familiar with its provisions. If you engage in business transactions with foreign companies needed legal signed, it requires you to be familiar with national legal knowledge, on the premise of that we don’t understand what to do LawGeex can help you detect legal instruments.

LawGeex is currently in beta and FREE to use. You only need to upload your files to LawGeex,than the analysis reports can be obtained in just a few seconds. LawGeex settled in thousands of professional lawyers to help you, they will tell you what is possible from a professional perspective, what is wrong, what your file is missing.

Our Mission

“Empower better legal decisions by taking the stress out of contracts.”

We do this by helping people understand their contracts before they sign them, quickly and affordably.

Our Technology

Behind our easy-to-use contract review tool is a cutting-edge data analytics and machine learning engine. The engine is the “brains” of LawGeex and is trained by our team of professional lawyers to automatically read contracts and compare them to thousands of others in our database, producing meaningful feedback on contracts automatically.

Just like an actual lawyer, LawGeex becomes smarter with every contract it sees. However, unlike lawyers, LawGeex remembers each and every contract it sees – that’s thousands and thousands of contracts!

What about Lawyers? 

LawGeex does not replace lawyers or offer legal advice. But we know consumers and businesses often don’t have the time or money to have every contract they receive reviewed by a lawyer. The risk of “signing blind” is often too high.

Lawyers are also benefiting from using LawGeex by proofing their work and checking that nothing important was missed.

The Geex Behind LawGeex

Co-founder and CEO, Noory Bechor, is also an international business lawyer with years of experience working at a big law firm. Too many friends were asking him for favors to review their latest private and business contracts. They were afraid of making mistakes when trying to understand the contracts on their own and felt they had nowhere to go to review them quickly and affortably. And so, LawGeex was born.

Noory is supported by an exceptional team, all passionate about creating a useful, fast and affordable tool that takes the stress out of contracts for millions of people.

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